Tips for Replacing Your Roof in Minneapolis Minnesota Weather

To repair or replace? If Shakespeare needed a new roof, that would be the question. For many homeowners in the DMV, that is the question—one that they struggle with when they see missing or damaged shingles on their house or realize that they have a leak coming from their attic.
Often, the first thought is to repair the problem; sometimes, this is the best solution. However, not every repair addresses the long term.; An immediate resolution might only be a bandage for a problem that re-emerges down the line. Plus, some homeowners simply don’t like how their roofs have aged, particularly if they aren’t the original owners of the house.

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Every roof is different, and an experienced, trustworthy contractor will detail all the options available after inspecting your house. With that in mind, homeowners can realize these six benefits from a new roof:

1. The Latest in Roofing Technology
Your current roof might have been installed in the last century, and roofing technology has progressed since then. For example, GAF now offers a complete roofing system, in which the shingles, underlayment, vents, flashing, gutters, and other components are installed (preferably by a GAF-certified Master Elite contractor) at the same time and complement each other. If your roof is old, a replacement can offer a much-needed upgrade that provides functionality, energy efficiency, and value.

2. A Look You Choose
Unless you Replace are the original owner of the house or bought it more than 30 years ago, you likely did not Replace choose the roof currently atop your home. Going with a new roof allows you to pick your preferred style. For instance, have you wanted to upgrade from asphalt shingles to cedar shakes? The need for a new roof provides the perfect opportunity to make that move.

In the twin Cities area we need to concider the wearher factor, remenber the low temperatures in Minnesota!

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